Arcade Tycoon

About The Game

The Game

Arcade Tycoon is a construct and management simulation video game. 

Alpha is targeted to be released 2018. 

A player assumes the role of an arcade manager and must complete tasks such as constructing arcades within an empty shop and hiring staff. 

Players need to make money to expand, succeed and win. 

It’s time to Build and Manage an Arcade.  

Build, Manage, Excite

Freshly cut grass, sunshine’s, after showing your friends your cool arcade collection in the garage, you realize it might be radical to show the world!

Fun and cheerful with lashings of humor. 

Release Expectations

The idea for the game came about in 2012, we raised funds over time and started research and sketches in 2016.

2017 we have a team of 5 artists, programmers to get this game targeted for 2018 alpha release.

We hope with your support and sharing we will have a kick-starter up at April to help improve and add to the game.

Thank you! All of you! 

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