The Game


Ever wanted to build your own amusement arcade?

Arcade Tycoon is a construction and management simulation video game, allowing you to build and run your very own arcade. 

The game will become available on Steam's Early Access within 2018. 

Players assume the role of an arcade manager, and hire staff,  design cabinets, build and equip their arcades, and of course make sure  everything is running smoothly. 

Healthy earning, and constant expansions will pave the road to success.

Build and Manage


Stretch your imagination, embrace classic videogames, and build an  awesome arcade. Start from scratch, plan, open the doors to accept eager  gamers, and run the finest amusement arcade ever imagined! Arcade  Tycoon is the construction and management sim that will let you build, manage your arcade, and offer you a chance of  keeping coin-op games alive and kicking.

Lashings of not always terrible humour included.

Regarding the Release


Arcade Tycoon began its life as a concept back in 2012, and has been worked on since 2016 after the required funds were raised. 

As of 2017 the game has a team of 6 artists, and programmers to hit its targeted 2019 Early Access release.

We are looking forward and hoping to make this the best game possible; with your support! 

Thank you!

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